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Coach Code of Conduct

Everyone at Recreation District #4 wants to thank you for your interest in Coaching with Lacombe Parks and Recreation!  Please use the links below to sign up for our programs and begin impacting and changing the lives of our future athletes! Here is some information to get you on your way to coaching in no time at our great recreation center!

All of our Head and Assistant Coaches are screened and fill out documentation that authorizes a background check. We use an outside organization to run our background checks. Once you are selected/assigned as a Head Coach or Assistant Coach, the Athletic Director will send you a link to complete the Background Check or coordinate a time for the check to be completed. 

Our coaches are an extension of Recreation District #4 and we expect them to:

  • Remember, at all times, that the youth have you for an example of leadership. You will be their primary sports role model, so conduct yourself in a positive manner. Set an example of how to be  Be reliable, on time, and be responsible for distributing the uniforms to the team. 
  • Ensuring that parents and athletes are aware of practice and game schedules.
  • Following the schedule request policies per sport.
  • Submitting game results in a timely manner.
  • Show good sportsmanship in victory and defeat.
  • Not place my hand on a child in a threatening or violent manner.
  • Utilizing the software for effective communication among the team
  • Ensuring that athletes are receiving fair playing time.
  • Promoting sportsmanship among the athletes and parents.
  • Ensuring athletes safety. If there are unsafe playing conditions, the coach is responsible for notifying the District.
  • Filling out injury reports that may be required for insurance purposes.
  • Conducting themselves in a professional manner at all times and in accordance with the adopted Coaches Code of Conduct.
  • Accounting for equipment they are issued. If any problems arise with the equipment, please contact the District.
  • Since we are so closely observed by the young players, we must refrain from any use of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol.
  • Will not intentionally run up the score on an opposing team. 
  • We will not tolerate disrespect toward the officials, other coaches, or parents! They all are working to do their absolute best to provide a fun environment for the youth. 
  • Never use abusive or insulting language and treat every child with dignity. Apply the Golden Rule and encourage the team to do the same. The use of foul language in front of a child is unacceptable whether it is directly or indirectly.  
  • use positive, reinforcing coaching techniques. Help your players develop a true value for sports and teamwork. 
  • Remember that Recreation District #4 is a recreational sports association for children of all skill levels. Winning a game is not important as helping your players improve each game.
  • Distribute coaching time among all players regardless of skills. I will allow all children adequate playing time regardless of ability. 
  • Make conscious effort to start and finish practices on time. This is merely a common courtesy. 


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