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Lacombe Parks And Recreation / Rec District 4

Staff Code of Conduct

Recreation District #4's staff all work hard to create a welcoming and positive environment. Each employee is invested in the advancement and progression of the youth, the community, and the facilities at Recreation District #4.

Sexual Harassment Policy

Recreation District #4 staff is expected to:

  • Not show negligence, carelessness or inconsiderate treatment of District #4 visitors, staff and/ or their matters/ files.
  • Provide First class customer service to any and all who enter Recreation District #4.
  • Report theft, report misappropriation or unauthorized possession or use of property, documents, records or funds belonging to Recreational District #4, or any client or employee; removal of same from District #4 premises without authorization.
  • Not divulge confidential information, of any kind, to any unauthorized person(s) or without an official need to know.
  • Not obtain unauthorized confidential information pertaining to clients or employees.
  • Not change or falsify client records, District #4 records, personnel or pay records, including time sheets without authorization.
  • Not be carelessly damaging, defacing or mishandling property of a client, Recreational District #4 or other employees.
  • Not take or give bribes of any nature, or anything of value, as an inducement to obtain special treatment, to provide confidential information or to obtain a position. Acceptance of any gratuities or gifts must be reported to a supervisor or manager.
  • Not enter District #4 premises without authorization.
  • Not carelessly violate security, safety, or fire prevention equipment or regulations.
  • Understand unauthorized use of a personal vehicle for District #4 business.
  • Not engage in illegal conduct, creating a disturbance on District #4 premises or creating discord with clients.
  • Not use abusive language.
  • Not use any rude, discourteous or un-businesslike behavior, on or off District #4 premises, which is not protected by Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and which adversely affects Recreational District #4 services, operations, property, reputation or goodwill in the community or interferes with work.
  • Not showcase insubordination or refusing to follow instructions from a supervisor or manager; refusal or unwillingness to accept a job assignment or to perform job requirements.
  • Observe scheduled work hours, failure to contact a supervisor or manager in the event of illness or any absence within thirty (30) minutes of the scheduled start of work; failure to report to work when scheduled; unauthorized or excessive use of sick leave or any other leave of absence.
  • Not leave the office during scheduled work hours without permission; unauthorized absence from assigned work area during regularly scheduled work hours.
  • Not Sleep or loiter during regular working hours.
  • Not record time for another employee or having time recorded to or by another employee.
  • Not use or possess intoxicating beverages or illegal use or possession of narcotics, marijuana or drugs (under state, federal or local laws), on District #4 premises during working hours or reporting to work under the influence of intoxicants or drugs so as to interfere with job performance, or having any detectable amounts of drugs in an employee’s system.
  • Not have an unauthorized possession of a weapon on District #4 premises.
  • Not engage in illegal gambling on District #4 premises.
  • Not solicite, collect money, vending, and posting or distributing bills or pamphlets on District #4 property. These activities are closely controlled in order to prevent disruption of District #4 services and to avoid unauthorized implication of District #4 sponsorship or approval. However, this general rule is not intended to hinder or in any way curtail the rights of free speech or free expression of ideas. Therefore, such activity by employees during non-working time, including meal and rest periods, is not restricted so long as such activity does not interfere with the orderly and regular conduct of Recreational District #4 business, is lawful, in good taste, conducted in an orderly manner, and does not create safety hazards or violate general good housekeeping practices. Any person who is not an employee of Recreational District #4 is prohibited from any and all forms of solicitation, collecting money, vending, and posting or distributing bills or pamphlets on District #4 property at all times.
  • Not Falsify of one's employment application, medical or employment history.


61100 N. 12th Street 
LACOMBE, Louisiana 70445

Phone: 985-882-7782
Email: [email protected]
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