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Athlete Code of Conduct

Recreation District #4 is proud to be apart of the development of our community's youth in all of our activities and events! The staff and coaches at Recreation District #4 all aim to adhere to our Mission statement in regards to our young athletes and "provide first class customer service, create positive memories, and encourage our patrons to: dream big, revolutionize their perspectives, and maximize our community's potential."

Every athlete that comes through Recreation District #4 is expected to respect authority, fully participate, and most importantly HAVE FUN! 

Our athletes at Recreation District #4 are expected to: 

  • Arrive to practice on time and ready to participate.
  • Encourage all teammates regardless of talent level.
  • Work to their potential to improve their skill level for their respective sport.
  • Profanity is expressly forbidden at all times at all West St. Tammany youth sport functions.
  • Show great sportsmanship to your team, your coach, and your opponents.
  • Play fair, confident, and understand no one is perfect and everyone is working to be better.
  • Show respect to ALL parents, ALL coaches, ALL fans, ALL adults, ALL of their opponent, ALL of the referees, ALL of their teammates and most importantly......themselves.
  • Ask questions if confused at any point and time. 
  • Engage in life lessons to understand the value of them taught through our youth sports programs.
  • Properly put away equipment after use.
  • Booing, taunting, refusing to shake another coach's and/or player's hands after a game or ridiculing another player i snot acceptable behavior. 
  • Verbal abuse of an official, coach, player, or spectator, including obscene gestures, will not be tolerated. The offender may be removed form any gym or field at the discretion of an umpire/referee or West St. Tammany official representative thereof. 
  • Have fun at Recreation District #4, that is our main purpose for being here!


61100 N. 12th Street 
LACOMBE, Louisiana 70445

Phone: 985-882-7782
Email: [email protected]
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